React Native APP Developer

Full TIME – Sponsorship -UK


Required key skills/experience:
• Min 3+ years React Native development experience
• Expert with Typescript
• Experience with React web is a bonus
• Cloud experience
• Proof of TDD/BDD
• Good understanding of CI/CD tools
• Agile ways of working
• Comfortable making key architectural decisions and strive for excellence
• Writes unit/functional/end2end tests with adequate coverage, independently.
• Considers and tests edge-cases
• Handles complex user flows and error cases.
• Detailed knowledge of the core libraries or APIs for their primary language.
• Great team player and ability to help coach and mentor junior members of the team as well as lead the mobile development team.


When rating your expertise level whilst filling the form, please use the following scale to guide you:
0= No Knowledge on the chosen technology
1= Aware about the technology
2 = Has studied the technology as a part of K-12/university degree.
3 = Has studied out of self-interest from a MOOC or equivalent course.
4 = Has published one original project on GitHub using the technology.
5 = Has published multiple projects on GitHub using the same technology.
6= Has worked with one major project on the technology with/for a registered company.
7= Has worked with multiple projects on the technology with/for a registered company.
8 = Has led a team in a publicly accessible product* (app, website or platform) or an open-source project.
9 = Has contributed to one “accepted” hotfix/bug/issue to the public repository of the technology.
10 = Has contributed to multiple “accepted” hotfixes/bugs/issues to the public repository of the technology.