Dental IT Support Executive



We are looking forward to train, collaborate, maintain and automate an IT professional in helping out maintain, fix and upgrade our physical and remote clinic hardware and software.

We have support levels based on the engagement you would be required to have with the hardware/software and the staff.

Level 1: Understanding the problem and looking up available documentation for providing help

Level 2: Co-ordinating with manufacturer/supplier support contact and on-site clinics to fix issues

Level 3: Fix issues to the end without third party support.


Your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Provide Level 1 – Level 2 Clinic Management Software (SOE Dentally, Carestream R4)
  • Provide Level 1 – Level 3 Windows OS, Drivers and Applications Support (including but not limited to Office, Printers, Scanners, Oral Scanners, X-Rays etc.)
  • Provide Level 1 – Level 2 VoIP Software Support (BT CloudWork, bOnline, Sky, Virgin)
  • Provide Level 1 – Level 3 Support for Clinic Hardware
  • Documenting Issues and Fixes and issuing them to clinicians and other staff.
  • Organizing Training for Clinicians to understand new or important features of software/hardware.
  • Finding ways to automate processes for clinics and sales team.
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress.


Training will be provided for every aspect either in sequential or a case-by-case basis. We will give preference to individuals who have a solid debugging approach towards any IT problem and are persistent to fix them.